ReyLynn's Inc.

"You are all together beautiful, my Love; There is no flaw in you" (SOS 4:7)

About the Owners


ReyLynn's Barber Lounge and Hair Studio was created in thought by the newly wed couple Ben and Kelly Martinez.  When they were married in April of 2014 they came together with a dream and a goal to make the business plan a reality in 2015.  Together they both have college degrees, so they decided this would be the perfect way to use them; through their mutual passion for hair styling and barbering.  After much planning they found the perfect location, right next door to Ben's family's long time Durango business, CJ's Diner.  At this point you might be wondering how on earth they came up with the name ReyLynn's.  So, ReyLynn is a derivative of the two lovebird's combined middle names, Rey and Lynn.  They decided on this name ReyLynn so that it would coordinate well with the next door family business named CJ's Diner; the family legacy business being a combination of Ben's parents initials Carrie and Jerry Martinez. 

Kelly Martinez, has worked in prestigious, upscale, conceptual salons since 2009 when she began her education after college graduation at the Aveda Institute of Atlanta.  Kelly has created a large client following through hard work and dedication.  Ben Martinez, graduated from college and has worked in the business world successfully.  He completed barber school in April of 2015, where he acquired 1500 hours of practical on the floor experience as well as gaining a large client following. 

ReyLynn's Barber Lounge & Hair Studio is uniquely positioned to provide Durango a modern and chic salon and barbershop experience.  The His and Hers idea is what makes ReyLynn's so unique.  Ben is able to focus on and cater to the specific needs of men based on his own wants and needs.  While Kelly can completely focus on the ladies and the specific services that make them feel special.  We hope to create a comfortable environment for everyone!